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About The Guest House

On October 7, 1884, novices who were admited to profession pronounced their three vows of religion which consecrated them to the Lord and Our Lady.

With these nine founding Sisters, the Congregation of the Rosary, so earnestly desired by the Holy Virgin, was from then on established. It only remained now, to launch into apostolic action in order to realize the program indicated by heaven.


The Guest House Today
The Rosary Convent in Ein Karem was built and given to reside the first Rosary nuns in 1885. In 1910 in the town of Ein-Karem quite close to the Sanctuary of the visitation, the house of Danil Ghattas family owned a property there where they liked to spend the holidays seasons. In 1917 the superior decided to transform the house into an orphanage type of work,and it was Mother Marie –Alphonsine who was charged with this foundation. She left Jerusalem and at the age of 74 she was again in the country-house Ein-Karem where she loved as a child to spend her holidays. She was no less happy now to be back there to give her last strength and efforts to the service of charity.

The convent was then used as an orphanage, cared for and maintained by a community of nuns headed by Sister Hanneh, and her aid Sister Agatha. In 1999, the convent was renovated and expanded to include a guesthouse located in one of the most serene and picturesque locations in the area: Ein Karem.


"Agatha, Bella... thank you for the variety, for the freedom and space, for the love, and for the simplicity!" - Tali

"Our stay in Israel was short, but definitely worthwhile. After long hours in the city, we found Ein Karem an excellent location to end our day and relax. A truly unique and peaceful location in a not-so-peaceful greater location. We have shared stories and pictures of our stay with our friends in America. Thank you for your nice hospitality, and we hope to see you again soon." - David & Sarah.

"Agatha, thank you for a lovely time at the guest house. I enjoyed my stay in room 101, it was very cosy. - Tati.

"Merci beaucoup ce tres joli! au revoir." - Erella & Avigdor



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